Monday, April 11, 2011

Re-Decorating Marathon

I am three and a half months postpartum and in the last month my nesting has finally kicked in, and with it came the urge to re-decorate the living room.  Thankfully it's not a completely fanciful extravagant endeavor as our furniture is mostly a hodge-podge of pieces we have purchased out of immediate need, pieces leftover from my first marriage, and pieces we have inherited from family.  Although I have to say our living room looks really nice, we have come to the decision it is not a place of rest, relaxation, and order.  The colors are mostly in reds, oranges, and yellow hues, which are warm and cozy, but in the Southwest, too much warmth in one's decor can overpower.  After non-stop voracious watching of my two favorite HGTV shows, Dear Genevieve and Color Splash, I have finally put together a plan for our living room.

Color Scheme: Gray, white, green, black, and possibly some touches of blue.

1.  New furniture.  Our sofa is a nice light tan microfiber with a chaise...a very nice looking stylish couch, yet not the most comfortable.  My husband also detests that it only has throw pillows for the back.  When I was 9 months pregnant and wanting to start my labor my husband and I decided to go shopping.  While in one of our favorite stores, Pottery Barn, my back started hurting so I sat to rest for a bit.  I went for one of their couches near the front of the store that looked all plush and squishy and I wasn't disappointed.  I told my husband I was in heaven.  I hadn't been that comfortable in months.  After several more months of looking and comparing, we decided to get that couch.  It was the PB Grand Comfort Roll Arm sofa.  We purchased it a few weeks ago in a gray washed linen fabric.  We are expecting it around the end of May.  We are now on the lookout for chairs.  Do we get one big chair that costs as much as the sofa? ...or do we go with two smaller chairs?  I have also picked out a TV stand from Ikea, with matching DVD storage, and two end tables from Z Gallerie...another favorite store of mine.  We have a decorative chair that I am going to recover and a coffee table that we are going to keep, with a little touch-up of the legs to cover the teeth marks from when our dog was a puppy.

2.  Lighting.  I am going to look from silver colored lamps from Home Goods.  They have beautiful lamps for very inexpensive prices.

3.  Drapes.  I bought gray and green silk fabric from a wonderful discount store nearby and am making the drapes myself.

4.  Decor.  This is still a work in progress.  I have some ideas but am not going to do anything until all the furniture is in its place.

I will be posting photos soon so show the progress.

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