Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New to blogging...

After several years of learning about, reading, and contributing to various blogs I thought it time to actually start one.  In the realm of blog subjects, mine most likely will be relatively dull, but I'm hoping to use it as a creative sounding board for my joys, sadnesses, annoyances, and excited revelations.

Blog name: although this blog will be about anything and everything that I deem necessary to pontificate about, there will undoubtedly be posts regarding ballet as I am a dancer and a part-time ballet instructor.  This is NOT the main subject of this blog, however, so do not let the title dissuade you from reading.

I am an educated professional with a passion for living and experiencing life.  I love to travel, eat, drink, see, and do.  I have been lucky enough to experience many wonderful things throughout my 31 years and feel very lucky for those experiences.  I also look forward to seeing and experiencing a great many more things in my next 31 years.  This blog will unquestionably discuss some of these experiences, whether good or bad, and will hopefully provide some entertainment value for those who read.

Let the blogging begin...

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